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About Paz Productions

Paz Productions believes that all events should be unique and impressive. For more than 20 years our creativity and experience have provided clients with quality music entertainment and memorable events!

Music is a crucial element of your event and your entertainer must know how to work the crowd in front of them. By refining your vision of the event and reading what the party needs, we create the setting you expect whether it be a club atmosphere or other. True to your vision for the event, you and your guests will be thoroughly entertained.

At Paz Productions, we employ quality, high-end equipment and continuously search for ways to provide our clients with the professional and optimal sound quality your event deserves.

We value your trust in selecting Paz Productions to provide the entertainment at your upcoming event. We look forward to showcasing our industry leading personalized service, detail oriented event planning, and creative experience guaranteed to meet and exceed your events expectations.

Paz Productions
Music For Life!

Armando Paz – Bio

Armando Paz, aka “DJ SESH”, was born in Brooklyn and raised in Ridgewood, Queens.  From an early age he was surrounded by music. His father, a trumpet player and avid salsa music fan, inspired him to learn to play instruments such as the piano, drum and trumpet.  The influences of Latin music by artists such as Dimension Latina, La Fania, and Celia Cruz, formed the foundation of DJ Sesh’s musical roots, but growing up, he listened to other sounds produced by different artists like RUN DMC, ERIC B and Rakim, and so many others.  As a teen in the midst of the freestyle music era, listening to mixed tapes produced by a family DJ friend, peaked his interest in the art of mixing, blending and cross fading beats.  His fascination with the way the vinyl was played changed his path from being a fan to becoming an apprentice, receiving lessons from the family’s DJ using his Technics SL turntables. During this time, he learned to handle and match beats off of vinyl records, and after many months of practice, was introduced to a group of brothers, DJ’s Jim and Mike Colon, who were equally passionate about their craft.  These early influences as a young DJ allowed Sesh to learn about the industry and musical genres but most importantly, molded his own style while keeping it true to the DJ culture.

Over the years, DJ Sesh has played in many clubs, lounges and private parties.  In 1999, he decided to turn his art into a business, officially focusing Paz Pro on primarily formal events. Having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Bernard M. Baruch College, it wasn’t difficult for Sesh to combine his knowledge & expertise of business and music along with elements of the “club scene”. This allowed him to mesh both worlds and provide his clients with creative and personalized music that would enhance his client’s visions of their events.  Having played through three era's of DJ forms (vinyl, CD and MP3's),  being surrounded by determined and great artists such as DJ Jim Colon, DJ Mike, DJ Eric, Joseph "Verse" Colon, Milton Vasquez, Mike Ramo, DJ Fuentes, Federico Lendof, Sean "Paper Chaser" Williams, Sean Dylan-Riedweg, Dennis "Gentle" Mann and many others, Sesh is keen on keeping a balance between what is considered “commercial mainstream music” and underground, eclectic, lounge or other musical forms.  His love of music matches no genre and it continues to inspire him on his continuous musical journey.

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