paz pro sports

Paz Pro Sports

A division of Paz Productions that has partnered with various sport organizations such as MMA throughout the tri-state area as well as help provide audio-visual and event coordinating services for youth sport leagues in addition to local school day sporting events such as field day, sports night or team spirit rallies.  

These events require a specific tone to be set using music or follow tradition using specific songs related to teams or individual players.  It builds the energy of fans and allows for a connection between event on-lookers, players and the sporting community.  

Some of the specialized services include:
Music Services For: Homecoming events, Opening day, Award ceremonies.

Visual Services: Large projections screens, LED-Plasma screens (digital signage), Customized (team logo, etc) red carpet step and repeat, Photobooth, Slide shows, Video highlights service, Sporting event video recording and editing, and Photography.

Music in Sports

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